Dr Marianne Leach is a General paediatric consultant at St Gorges Hospital University Trust since 2017. She leads integrated care in general paediatrics developing joint working with primary care in the local health systems SWL. Dr Leach recently completed a Master’s in Strategic Clinical Leadership (South Bank London) and Level 5 coaching. Previously Dr Leach led clinical governance. At the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, she led Quality improvement training for three years.

After completing her medical studies and foundation year at Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, Dr Leach completed her General paediatric training in South West London.

Dr Leach has a strong focus on service redesign with the coproduction of service providers and users aiming to improve population health systems using Quality improvement insight and is passionate about developing and collaborating with multi-professionals and promoting inclusion.

Dr Leach has five children, the oldest (now a young adult) with Down syndrome and another child with Erb’s palsy. Experiences within the health system have informed her passion for improving services with users and developing people from many professional backgrounds in the health system.