The London Clinical Senate is able to provide advice to support systems in decision making regarding future service configuration and delivery. It can provide:


  •  Independent clinical review to support to support the NHSE/I assurance process for major service change and reconfiguration

The Clinical Senate is integral to the process related to all major service change within systems. An independent Clinical Senate review would  focus on ensuring that there is a clear clinical evidence base, which is a key test for major service change.

  •  Independent Clinical advice and recommendations

The senate also is also able to offer advice at other stages in change or transformation processes, such as theme based reviews or consideration of local challenges within a national context. For example, approaches to implementation of national programmes such as diagnostic hubs and virtual consultation.

  •  Support local challenges

Providing input as an “honest broker” to resolve issues where there is a lack of agreement and/ or clinical consensus between partners regarding future service delivery.


The Senate is able to offer input throughout a transformation process, and early engagement is beneficial within this. If you would like to know more, or arrange an informal discussion please do get in touch

Major Service Change Interactive Handbook

This handbook was authored collaboratively by the System Partnerships team within System Transformation in NHS England and Improvement (NHSEI). ​The aim of this toolkit is to provide advice, information, and support to those with responsibilities related to service change and reconfiguration. In this document you will find key information, links to supporting resources, case studies, key documents, and other materials for each section of the service change process.

Download here