The London Ethics Advisory Group is being developed under the auspices of the London Clinical Senate to provide independent ethical support, deliberation, advice and system leadership to support local decision-making.

The purpose of the London Ethics Advisory Group is to provide system leadership through a consistent, systematic application of principles where a London position is required or two or more ICSs require consistent position. It seeks to:

  • Provide system peer support to supplement local decision making.
  • Provide system peer support with challenging decision principles.
  • Provide a platform for wider system analysis and learning.
  • Ensure system leadership and ethical guidance which strives for health equity across London, and not dis-advantaging any specific social or population group.
  • Not affect the accountability and sovereignty of Trust and local decision making.

It will provide an independent systematic approach which is centred around the needs of patients, equitably distributes services across broad London patient demographic, and strives for health equity.   

 The group will advise/ provide suggestions on decision-making based on clearly defined evaluation criteria and clear ethical principles and cascade and distribute updated local and national changes to the system and take a retrospective look at learning